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5 More Fall 2022 Nail Ideas

Can you believe it’s already November? With Halloween behind us, it is officially the month of sweater weather and color-changing leaves. The December holidays are right around the corner, but this month is an excellent time to stop and breathe in the crisp fresh air, so to speak. While the season shifts, nail manicure trends also like to shift. Each season comes with its own set of colors and designs. Though not every trend will fade from season to season, popular designs and colors come and go. If you’re struggling to choose your next nail color or manicure, here are some fall 2022 nail ideas.

Metallics are always in

Never a dull moment with metallic colors; these can range from classic silver and gold to fun purples and blues. The typical trend nowadays involves minimal metallic accents like gold accents on a solid background or nails dipped in metallics. Solid metallic nails also add a beautiful sparkle to any nail design.

Check out Silver Stilletto and The Duchess for a royal purple shimmer.

United We Stand

Chocolate tones

As hot chocolate returns as a perfect drink for the cold weather, the same could be said for nail trends. Chocolate tones ranging from rich dark chocolate brown to light coffee-with-creamer brown and all the shades in between generate a warm and cozy atmosphere in line with the season. You can go for a shade gradient from dark brown to light brown across your nails or choose your favorite brown color. French tips using brown gradients are also popular.

Check out United We Stand for a deep brown or Hen Yak Brown for a shimmery cocoa color.

Red is never out of style

Red will always be a classic staple for every season. For fall, rich wine reds and crisp true reds are back. Again, you can explore different designs using reds, but you can’t go wrong with a good solid statement of red nails.

Check out Sincere Heart for a rich deep red or Sexiest Red for classic bright red.

Pearly finishes

Perhaps you have heard of the viral glazed donut nails, where nails look frosted by using pearly, peach-toned nail polish. It’s still popular this fall, but colors have become a bit brighter and more experimental than a pale neutral clear gloss color. Many polishes out there are adding more pink and purple hues as the base of the pearly finish or even warmer colors like brown.

Check out Pearls and Lace for a strong pink shimmer.

Muted Lilacs

Soft purples and pinks appear this month. While summer may have seen the popularity of bright neon pinks, fall is the time for soft lilac colors. There’s an appealing option for everyone, with many options to choose from on the mauve scale. The muted look also pairs well with neutrals commonly worn in fall but still adds a bit of color and interest.

Check out Pink Panties for a pink mauve.

These are just a few of the various manicure ideas and color trends out there. Read You Should Try These Autumnal Nail Polish Colors for more color ideas and suggestions!

Enjoy this fall season, and stay cozy!

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