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You Should Try These Autumnal Nail Polish Colors

Though it doesn’t feel like it yet, fall is coming just around the corner with the Fall Equinox of 2022 on September 22. With a seasonal change in the weather, there is also potential for you to change up your nail polish colors. Summer is known for bright, popping colors, but as the season shifts to autumn, popular nail polish colors become more muted. Of course, this is just a trend. Realistically, you can wear whatever color you want at any time of the year. If you’re looking for some new colors to try as we officially move into fall in a day, here are 8 colors you should check out.

Deep Dark Red

Always flattering, red is an excellent option for any season. But for this fall, try a deep burgundy red to pair with cozy sweaters and coats for the autumn chill.

Check out Sincere Heart for a dark red.

Muted Pink Lilac

A mix of great base colors, this muted pinkish color is sure to be popular this upcoming season, adding a lovely pop of color (but not too overwhelming) to any autumn look.

Check out Peaceful Mind for a muted gray pink.

Silver Chrome

Chrome and metallic nails are still in for the fall season. It’s a fun new approach to neutral white or gray nails. While you can never go wrong with a classic silver color, you can also try burnt copper colors or even deep purples.

Check out Silver Stilletto for some nice metallic silver.


A neutral and staple, black nail polish adds a bit of edgy simplicity to your nails. It goes well with any color, and not to mention, it’s a great complementary color for Halloween.

Check out Black Nail Magic for a touch of the night.


Compared to black, gray is a lighter neutral option that goes well with the comfy fall atmosphere. You can opt for lighter grays or dark grays.

Check out Be Kind for a light gray.

Rich Browns

Autumn always brings with it many brown and orange

tones. It’s the perfect time to find that rich brown color reminiscent of delicious hot chocolate.

Check out United We Stand for a deep brown color.


Prevalent year-round, green is a very versatile color. This fall, try greens closer to the duller and darker side of the shade range. From sage and moss greens to crisp evergreen colors, this nail polish color almost doubles as a neutral for the fall season.

Check out Lend a Hand for an olive green or There is Hope for forest green.

Soft Classic Blue

Like the jeans you take out of your closet to wear when the days turn colder, a soft classic blue color reminiscent of blue jeans is a popular nail color for the fall.

Check out Boo Blue for a mild cornflower blue.

DEMIblue’s “Sign of the Times” Fall Collection is back and full of perfect fall colors!

Autumn is the best time for warm and cozy vibes. Grab your favorite nail polish color and fall into fall!

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