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DEMIblue Cares initiative is to support breast cancer survivors through proactive wellness efforts and self-care. Women are educated on harsh chemicals found in many nail polish brands, their health implications, and the alternatives we offer as a brand. Learn how you can get involved and join the fight.

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The Juliet Box

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & DEMIblue supports the fight!

In 2010, my mom, Juliet Robinson was diagnosed with breast cancer. After finding a lump in her breast during a self-breast exam she immediately followed up with her doctor - only to discover that she did have breast cancer and needed to have immediate surgery. My mother endured chemotherapy and radiation treatments that changed how she viewed her life and overall health. I watched my mom lose her hair; to this day, it has not fully regrown due to the treatments she received. Witnessing these changes impact my mom’s bubbly personality because she wasn’t able to enjoy some of the simple pleasures, she loved so much in her beauty regimen.


We quickly learned that many chemicals in the cosmetics used caused harsh reactions ESPECIALLY IN NAIL POLISH. As a call to action, I was able to reach into my previous skills and education and offer a healthier Nail Polish option…DEMIblue. Because of my mom’s experience, we now offer a 21-Free, Clean and Vegan Nail Polish so that you too can avoid the harsh chemicals found in many conventional brands. TODAY my mom is a Survivor, 11 YEARS STRONG I salute and honor you, mama.

As I honor my Mom this month and highlight a few of our INSPIRING survivors, I WANT YOU TO TAG A SURVIVOR using the hashtag #demibluecares and allow DEMIblue to HONOR them with a social shout out and some GIVEAWAYS💗



P.S. You may be selected to receive a free gift with your tag!

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Who Are We
The Juliet Box Recipients.HEIC
In 2022, we introduced 'The Juliet Box' a self-care survivor box filled with DEMIblue products and all-natural products by women-owned businesses.

Thanks to our Nailfriend community and their donations, we awarded 3 survivors with their very own box!


2022 Survivor Features



At the age of 28, I was in my prime, or so I thought: Marriage, son, dream career, and healthy. Six months after being married, a pea-sized lump was found in my right breast. The first doctor blew it off as a clogged milk duct, but after a third opinion from my OBGYN, he took the necessary steps to figure out what this mass was. I was told by my OBGYN, Radiologist, and Breast Surgeon that it was a benign tumor. But after my surgery to have it removed and biopsied... it turned out to be cancer, Stage 2B to be exact. The doctors were all sorry and could not believe at this early age I would have breast cancer. I was scared, and angry, but determined to beat it!

After 4 surgeries, 16 rounds of chemo, and 28 rounds of radiation I thought that my life would go back to normal. No one really talks about how your life changes after cancer. There is no going back to your old life, you must learn how to deal with your new life that is filled with good and bad days, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and learning to love your new body flaws and all.


Fast forward to February 2022, I am now 31 years old and just started a new job, and working towards getting my Master’s degree. After what I thought was the flu and going to urgent care, I find out that not only do I have Covid but after doing a chest x-ray, I have a mass on my right lung. My oncologist at the time was not worried, but how could you not be especially after my history? After my biopsy and pet scan, it was confirmed that my breast cancer was back and had metastasized to my lung and lymph nodes in my neck. I was devasted, like how could my cancer be back, I took the steps for it not to. But I was determined to not let this be a death sentence but to be an advocate and inspiration to all women, especially young women. I truly never understood what the phrase meant “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” until I had breast cancer. Whether I like it or not this is my purpose, to educate, advocate and be a testimony to all!

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Nicole had a family history of breast cancer, so she had been getting mammograms as early as the age of 35. In 2015 at the age of 42, she had a lump removed that was not cancerous but found the surrounding tissues to be cancerous. High-grade DCIS, no lump but many cancerous cells throughout the breast tissue.


This was a crucial catch for her because it was caught early enough that she had choices for her treatment. Choices between radiation or a mastectomy. She chose a mastectomy.


With the love, support, and prayers of her family and friends NICOLE is a 5-year survivor!!



I love to look back on my story not in sadness or pity but in Victory.  I was originally diagnosed at the age of 30. I had a 6-year-old daughter that I was raised as a single mom and the doctors told me that I had the most aggressive form of cancer known at that time. 


I decided that I had too much to live for and decided to focus on beating the ugly monster.  I had to complete 26 rounds of chemo, a lumpectomy, and 33 rounds of radiation.  I was declared cancer free and decided to start living very intentionally. I developed a personal relationship with God.  Reevaluated my priorities and made sure that I moved in a manner to be a woman I wouldn't mind my daughter growing into.  I often say I had to look death in the face to learn how to live. 


I stayed on top of things did my annual mammograms and in 2020 received the news that I had some precancerous cells in my breast. There was a tumor in my left breast and at that time I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy.  I lost my breast but again I was able to live. And I take each day to be the best me I can be.


April 10, 2023, is my 15-year survivor date!

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I received a positive breast cancer diagnosis on February 22, 2019. I was 33 years old, married for ten years with three children younger than 10. I was reasonably healthy and committed to climbing the corporate ladder as I had begun a new role with a new company one year prior. I discovered one lump on February 4 in the shower during a self-exam, which was only encouraged by the Holy Spirit. Post the mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy. The breast specialist confirmed Stage 2B, invasive ductal carcinoma, as my official diagnosis. My treatment plan included a port-a-cath placement to receive 16 rounds of chemo, followed by a bilateral mastectomy, 28 rounds of radiation, and a total hysterectomy. My life changed, and I gradually shifted from 'why me' to 'why not me.' Who was I to determine the way God could use me?

I don't believe God gave me cancer, but I believe He allowed it.

Every doctor, nurse, patient tech, emergency room staff, and many others that were a part of my team blessed my family and me. These people consoled me and talked me through every step of the journey. They answered questions and wiped tears. They held me up when I did not have the strength to do so. I hit bottom and clawed my way back up through this journey. God has shown His faithfulness and proved what I know to be true – He will never let the righteous be forsaken (Psalm 37:25). I didn't choose cancer, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my testimony – to encourage, inspire and uplift those who have been through the journey or maybe are walking this path. I pray that cancer will soon end as there is so much more to life that we all need to give.



Tiah is an overcomer of Triple Negative Breast Can't-cer, as she calls it, she has dedicated herself to being a community change agent and advocate, with a focus on health disparities, black women's health, and healthy lifestyle education. As a result of her advocacy work, she has received recognition and awards, including President Bush’s – Point of Lights Award. After her diagnosis with breast cancer at a young age, Tiah believed that no one should walk this cancer journey alone and founded the My Breast Years Ahead sisterhood and co-founded My Style Matters, a 501c grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and supporting underserved families impacted by cancer.


Tiah is a Cancer Coach, a Breast Health Educator, and a Project Lead graduate with the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). She has advocated for survivors on Capitol Hill; served as a board member and advisory board member for several organizations and pharmaceutical companies; published a research paper on Clinical Trials in Metastatic Breast Cancer; has spoken on numerous panels including the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and the Congressional Briefing with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP). Through her life's work, Tiah is moving people from Awareness to Action.

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My lump was found by my nurse practitioner at my annual Wellness Women’s exam. That day, I got my first mammogram at 44 (four years late) and after serval diagnostic screenings, it was clear that I had breast cancer.  I was devastated. I had a moment of “Lord why me… I did everything right.” But a sense of calm came over me and my mindset shifted. “Why not me? And something BIG is going to happen because of this.”


Although I had my ups and downs, my mindset and faith kept me focused.  My body was in 2018 but my mind was in 2019 and 2020; holding the vision of what my world would look like after the fight. During my journey, my health educator hat came back on and I started a non-profit, Pink Pearl Hero to increase the awareness of breast cancer and to also support women who are actively going through breast cancer with our Hero Box.  Through fundraising efforts, the Hero Box is and will be directly delivered to various cancer centers (Atlanta, St Louis, and Nashville), and the nurse navigators in those centers will deliver them to women actively going through treatments and surgeries. What’s unique about The Hero Box is that it not only supports women actively going through their breast cancer journey, but the key items in the box will come from women-owned businesses in an effort to support women entrepreneurs. I’m so honored that DEMIblue was one of the first woman-owned products that we partnered with. I also birthed a new baby.  My plastic surgeon advised me not to carry anything over 12 pounds during my reconstruction and most of my planners exceeded that limit.  With “Divine Timing” I found the world of digital planning and created a digital planner which is now known as 1DOPEplanner. It’s a digital organizational planning experience…and yes it is pretty Dope!


I always refer to my breast cancer journey as my “Jonah Moment.” it was the one time that life, physically sat me down to show me a new course for my life. And I will forever be grateful for it.  It was a moment of true humility, soul searching, and the rebirth of my resilience.  It was far from easy… and it was constant work on my faith. I thank God for it and would never change any moment of it. It was a process that I had to go through. When I look back on the six (6) surgeries and 28 radiation treatments; they left a total of 16 scars.  Some are more visible than others.  I see them as tattoos of triumph, signs of strength not pain, proof that I showed up for the fight, but more importantly someone else’s signs of hope. I embrace them all. So to my sister who may be reading this, who is going through her fight…you got this! Keep your mind in the future, nurture your body, fire up your faith and find rest in your soul.

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