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Why you should switch to clean and vegan nail polish

As resolution season is coming up for the 2023 year, it’s time to consider new changes you wish to enact. Resolutions revolving around your personal and professional life help you set goals for the following year. One such area involves health and wellness. For 2023, DEMIblue encourages everyone to switch to Clean and Vegan nail polish.

Why should you switch?

To understand the importance of switching to vegan and nontoxic nail polish, we must first understand the so-called “Toxic Trio.” Because nail polish needs to withstand chipping and peeling from wear on your hands, traditional nail polish companies usually infuse their formulations with powerful chemicals. The main three chemicals, known as the “Toxic Trio,” are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Formaldehyde is a preservative. Toluene keeps the nail polish smooth after application but can cause serious health issues. Dibutyl phthalate allows nail polish to stay flexible, avoiding chipping but also has ties to reproductive health concerns.

When applying nail polish, your skin can absorb these chemicals, potentially resulting in irritation of the skin and long-lasting health implications. Many companies are removing the Toxic Trio from their formulations. Removing these toxic ingredients is a step in the right direction. Eliminating formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP is a healthier choice for everyone.

Check out this blog post to learn more about vegan nail polish:

So what does the “Toxic Trio” have to do with vegan nail polish like DEMiblue Natural Nails?

  1. Nontoxic formulations mean these nail polishes are less harsh on nails and skin. Many clean and vegan nail polishes are free of the “Toxic Trio” or even more chemicals. For instance, DEMIblue nail polishes are 21-free. Fewer toxic chemicals lead to a healthier lifestyle for all.

  2. Vegan nail polishes have no animal-based ingredients. Ingredients are instead sourced from plants which results in less risk of irritating or harming skin.

  3. Vegan brands are also cruelty-free, meaning nail polish formulas are not tested on animals. By supporting a cruelty-free nail polish brand, you are reducing the suffering and need of lab animals for testing. Because animal testing is not done, ingredients are also cleaner and more nontoxic.

  4. People with sensitive or allergy-prone skin may find that vegan nail polish to be more gentle for them. Most vegan and nontoxic brands are high quality and cause minimal impact on nails and skin. They are less likely to cause allergies. Additionally, naturally sourced ingredients help nourish nails. People suffering from sensitive or damaged nails benefit from the friendlier formulas of vegan nail polish.

  5. Vegan brands are often more environmentally friendly. Water-based formula means the nail polish is better for the environment. Many companies, DEMIblue included, also have recyclable packaging.

Learn about DEMIBlue’s brand: where a healthier you is right at your fingertips!

Check out our clean and vegan nail polish on our website, and consider switching today!

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