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Why Clean and Vegan Nail Care is Important!

“By definition, vegan nail care products are not produced from an animal or an animal byproduct. This means that traditional ingredients like beeswax, honey, collagen, lanolin and keratin are not used,” said Dr. Hooman Khorasani, chief of the division of dermatologic and cosmetic surgery at Mount Sinai Health System.

There are plenty of other animal-derived ingredients that vegan nail care brands avoid, including carmine (a colorant derived from beetles) and they tend to use plant-based or synthetic ingredients instead.

In most cases, vegan products even steer clear of animal byproducts that are ethically sourced.

Additionally, vegan products are often rich in vitamins filled with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and since they typically contain fewer ingredients, it can be easier to understand exactly what you’re putting on your nails. DEMIblue Natural Nails. LLC

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