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Short Nails? No Problem! Nail Polish Ideas for Short Nails

Many people frequently prefer longer nails for their elaborate manicures. While longer nails offer more surface area for nail polish, shorter nails are often more realistic. Having short nails doesn’t mean you can’t have nice manicures. You don’t need to have long nails to enjoy nail polish. If you like keeping your natural nails short, here are five simple nail polish ideas for short nails.

Glitter accents

Found in a wide variety of colors, these polishes are usually made up of flaky glittery pieces, useful in accentuating fingernails. You can pair glitter polishes with nude colors for more of a statement. Or pair a colored glitter with a similarly colored polish (for example, gold glitter with yellow nail polish). You may need several coats of glitter polish to achieve the desired concentration of glitter, but it’s worth it in the end.

Check out Bling Girls for some glittery gold.

Leaving Negative Space

Negative space is where parts of the nail surface don’t have any colored polish. Often, these negative spaces will simply have a base coat finish, while the other parts of the nail will have polish. They can take on any shape, from vertical negative spaces that might take up half the nail to half moon negative spaces mentioned above. It’s a straightforward technique to create interest on the nail using just one nail polish color.


Nail polish is for everyone, and gradients of color are a fun way to experiment with a different color on each nail. They can be the same color but in various shades, like from light blue to dark blue. But you don’t always need to follow a gradient of colors; you can always choose different colors you like.

For color suggestions for this summer, check out this blog article.

Half Moons

Half moon polish follows the curve of the nail, similar to a french tip. However, in a half moon design, the nail polish will cover more of the nail surface than a french manicure style does. There’s lots of flexibility for half moons. You can start as close to the cuticle as desired, with any color you would like. You can even leave negative space around the cuticle (where there is no nail polish) or use different colors layered on each other.

Neon accent colors

Neons are in this summer. From bright pink to sunny yellow, neons add a pop of color at your fingertips. But if you don’t want to go all neon on every nail, you can opt for a quick accent color on the finger of your choice. Easy to do, this technique works on all nails.

Check out Explosion, Sinful Sunshine, and Rave for pops of neon color.

Whatever your nail shape, there’s a nail polish color and style out there for everyone!

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