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You Should Try these Summer 2022 Nail Colors

Summer is a time for vacations and warm weather. Naturally, a shift in temperature comes with a shift in color palettes. From clothing to accessories, popular color trends change from winter to summer, and nail color is no exception. With many people heading out for fun in the sun, nail colors reflect this uplifting and joyful sentiment. Colors range from bright pops of pink to deep ocean blues to more understated pearlescent shimmers. For this summer, try one of these new colors the next time you head out:

Bright Pink

With the arrival of the summer season, playful pinks are here. From fuchsia to hot pink, pick up your favorite shade for your next manicure.

Try Pinky Dinky Doo or 80’s Lipstick from DEMIblue

Citrus Colors

Summer is often associated with bright colors, and this season, the refreshing colors of citrus fruits are in. Colors such as those found on oranges, lemons, and limes are surefire nail polish colors to try. From youthful orange to clean yellows and neon greens, the possibilities are endless.

Check out Explosion for a shot of orange, Sinful Sunshine for yellow, and Rave for some pop-out green from DEMIblue


With slight shimmers and light undertones, pearlescent nail polishes add a bit of magic at every fingertip.

Try Pearls and Lace for a soft pink glow from DEMIblue

Shades of Blue

It’s the best time to head to the beach, but the cooling waters of the ocean actually inspired many popular colors this summer. These range from brighter blues to a deep cobalt blue. Grab some blue for your next visit to the great blue sea.

Try Boo Blue for some classic blue or The Signature DEMIblue™ for a touch of shimmer from DEMIblue

Shades of Red

Red is a classic and a fierce statement. This summer, consider anything from deep true reds to warm corals for your nails.

Check out Sexiest Red for deep red and Summer Dress Season for coral from DEMIblue


Always a staple, neutrals are useful to have any time of the year. Whether you just want a toned-down manicure or you have a favorite neutral color to wear to work, neutral beiges and peaches are always in style.

Check out Be Kind for some warm gray tones, Peaceful Mind for taupe, and Peachy Keen for a lighter color from DEMIblue


White nail polishes are always a go-to. Easy and versatile, great for any occasion, white polishes can elevate any look. Even in the summertime, you can’t go wrong with some white.

Try Chalk it Up from DEMIBlue

Next time you are looking for a fun new summer manicure, try your hand with one of these colors!

Nail Artist: Shaé Banks

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