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Preparing for the Holidays: Nail Edition

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and a little over a month before the winter holidays. In preparation for the upcoming holiday seasons, DEMIblue has products to take care of your nails during this busy time and trendy colors so you can look your best at all events.

Nail Care:

  1. Cuticle Oil

    1. Keep those cuticles nice and hydrated during the cold and dry season. Moisturized hands and cuticles mean healthier nails. DEMIblue’s Cuticle and Nail Oil Pen is both practical and compact. Take it with you while traveling!

  2. Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

    1. Acetone-based removers can dry out your cuticles and nails. Keep them moist with DEMIblue’s Soy-Based Nail Polish Remover with Vitamins.

  3. Nail Treatment

    1. Nail treatments can strengthen nails, allowing them to stay healthy after wear and tear. DEMIblue offers our Deep Nutrition Nail Treatment to help grow and maintain nails.

  4. Nail Files

    1. Keeping nails short and filed evenly helps prevent damage to the nail. You can use a glass file or an emery board-style file. DEMIblue offers a 300-grit nail file.

  5. Nail Polish!

    1. A great way to jazz up any nail and also acts as a barrier against outside forces.

Nail Polish Colors:

  1. Browns and Dark Greens

    1. Deep calming tones bring in the cozy fall feeling. From hot chocolate browns to forest greens, these colors evoke the very mood of autumn. Our Sign of the Times collection contains colors perfect for the fall.

  2. Pale Lilacs

    1. A more colorful but muted option for the fall. It’s on style and trend, sure to add to any outfit. Also comes in a variety of tones and shades.

  3. Red and Greens

    1. The classic colors associated with the holidays. You can go deep red like Sexiest Red and dark green like There is Hope. Or you can add a twist, like the sparkly green of Lustful in the Flesh.

  4. Metallics

    1. Metallics are always eye-catching and available in any color. Try Hen Yak Brown, a shimmery rich cocoa color, or Silver Stiletto, as shiny as any ornament.

  5. Royal Blue and Purple

    1. Standout rich colors that make a statement, blues and purples are great for the holiday season. Check out our Signature DEMiblue and The Duchess.

Check out You Should Try These Autumnal Nail Polish Colors for more fall color inspiration!

Our special holiday gifts are out now! Find them on our website or listed in this blog.

Happy Holidays!

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