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DEMIblue Summer 2023 Event Highlights

With most of summer behind us, we look back on those past two months to recognize all the great places we’ve been. It’s been such an adventure to meet all our Nailfriends. We’re happy to spotlight just a few of the events we participated in these past few months below.

UCity Teacher Appreciation Manis

In May, we headed to Jackson Park Elementary School to treat their educators to vegan manicures as school wraps up. Such a great experience to pamper some well-deserved educators!

Nashville Black Market

In June, we traveled to Nashville to the Nashville Black Market. It was so exciting to be the only nail polish brand there. So thankful for the experience and welcome from the people in Nashville. If you’re in the area, the Nashville Black Market happens every first Friday. Be sure to check them out!

Memphis Vegan Fest

DEMIblue celebrated Juneteenth in Memphis. This was our third year in Memphis and it was a blast. Big thank you to the folks of Memphis for showing us so much love!

STL Vegan Market

In July, we headed back to home base with the STL Vegan Market in St. Louis. It’s great to be back! DEMIblue enjoyed meeting all our Nailfriends from the local area!

Back to School Mani

Most recently, we hosted a back-to-school mani event for kids. Can’t believe it’s another school year. Hope everyone has a good first day of school, whenever that may be!

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