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Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 1

March is here, and so is the beginning of Women's History Month! We're thrilled to embark on the celebration of the incredible achievements, resilience, and power of women around the world.

At DEMIblue, we're passionate about honoring and celebrating women every day. Today's blog, we're shining a spotlight on the inspiring stories of women who have made a lasting impact on our world. From trailblazers in business to pioneers in the arts, their stories motivate us to dream big and break barriers.

1. Whitney Wolfe-Herd

Founder & CEO of Bumble

Herd started her career as one of Tinder’s founders, a dating app. However, after experiencing sexual harassment in the male-dominated company, she left to co-found another dating app, Bumble—which was premised to put women in control of any new relationship conversation. Since then it has grown into a platform that encourages new friendships (hi, Bumble BFF!) and even business networking (nice to meet you, Bumble Bizz). Herd has not only empowered other women to have control over their social lives but also recently became the world’s youngest self-made woman billionaire. Not bad!

2. Lizzo


TIME’s 2019 Entertainer of the Year, Lizzo has performed on a worldwide tour, won three Grammys in 2020, and reached many other milestones. Recently, she’s hosted meditation sessions on her social media accounts, to help her fans find a little bit of peace during such a trying time, and selected hospitals around the country at which to provide all staff with meals as they fight on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lizzo also activates her huge fan base, encouraging her fans to donate to causes like the Australian wildfires and pandemic relief.

3. Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the United States

The first African American First Lady, Obama has been making history for years. Before and throughout her husband’s presidency, she fought for education, service members and their families, and an end to childhood obesity. Obama is currently adapting her best-selling book Becoming for younger readers, ages 10 and up, to help create a conversation-starter for families.

4. Chelsie Hill


When life handed Hill lemons, she used her passion to make lemonade. An avid dancer from a young age, when a drunk-driving accident left her paralyzed, she didn’t give up. Instead, Hill created a wheelchair dance team, the Rollettes, which brings together women of different abilities. She’s using her voice to empower women with disabilities and promote inclusion in entertainment, beauty, and fashion.

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