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Acrylic Nails Are The Drug You Can’t Kick‼️

This article explores how acrylic nails may impact a person’s health and tips for nail care.

Acrylic nails are popular offerings available in nail salons or for at-home use. Although the global popularity of nail cosmetics is increasing, acrylic nails may pose some health and safety risks.

Nail damage

Acrylic products can cause damage to the nails themselves. They may cause a condition called “worn-down nail syndrome,” which involves the thinning of the nail after exposure to acrylics and nail filing. This is why many resort to continuing to wear acrylics became the nail is too weak and broke to be maintained otherwise. IT’S THE DRUG YOU CAN’T KICK.

One 2020 case studyTrusted Source examined a woman with nail damage after acrylic use. She showed symptoms of onycholysis, a condition involving the nails separating from the nail beds. She also experienced red and thickened skin around her nails.

Other safety concerns

Acrylic has flammable propertiesTrusted Source. Therefore, experts recommend that individuals take care when wearing acrylic nails.

Picking at the nails can damage the natural nail plate and thin a person’s nails. This behavior may also cause a person’s nails to flake or develop pits along their surfaces.

Acrylic nails trap more bacteria than natural nails can. Healthcare professionals wearing acrylic nails may increase the risk of infections among the people they treat. Because of this, many healthcare settings do not allow employees to wear artificial nails.

Tips for nail care

Artificial nails are an important part of self-expression for many individuals. Although they may pose health risks, there are steps to take that may prevent or reduce nail damage.

Soak-off gel nails may pose less risk of nail damage than acrylic nails. A person may also wear nail polish alone as another less abrasive option. Nail Polish like DEMIblue Clean and Vegan Nail Polish offers a full line odds nail care minus the harsh chemicals.

How to revive nails after wearing acrylics?

It is advisable for a person to properly remove acrylic nails to minimize damage to their natural nails. Keeping nails clean and trimmed also promotes natural nail health. Rounding the tips of the nails slightly can maintain nail strength as the nails heal. DEMIblue Nail Strengthener can improve the durability of the nail and help them return to a heathy state.

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