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7 Healthy Nail Habits to Take into the New Year

Happy 2023 everyone! We thank all our Nailfriends for sticking with us this past year. This coming year, we have many fun things planned for everyone in the community. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media @demibluenn. To start the new year, we want to introduce some healthy nail habits for fresh beginnings.

Hydrate cuticles and hands

Hydration is critical in maintaining flexible and strong nails. Keeping both cuticles and hands hydrated, especially in the drier winter months, helps prevent brittleness in nails and hangnails. Keeping the cuticle hydrated also protects your nail bed from damage, preventing bacteria from entering the nail bed.

Try DEMIblue’s Cuticle and Nail Oil Pen for natural hydrating oils.

Consider wearing gloves when doing high-impact work

High-impact work like cleaning or gardening means heavy wear on your hands and nails. With cleaning, harsh chemicals in cleaning products can dry out nails and hands. Wearing gloves when cleaning or gardening means protecting your nails from damaging conditions.

Try non-acetone remover with no harsh chemicals

Acetone-based nail polish removers are known to dry out nails, resulting in brittle and weak nails. There are now many non-acetone removers out there are remove nail polish just as well

DEMIblue’s Soy-Based Remover with Vitamins removes nail polish easily with no harsh effects of acetone!

Keep nails clean

Clean nails mean healthy nails. And healthy nails mean strong nails. This also prevents any bacteria from proliferating in the nail bed. Examining your nails and making sure there’s nothing atypical is also important. Consult a medical professional if you notice anything concerning and out of the ordinary.

Don’t bite or pick at nails

Along the same lines, avoid biting or picking at nails to maintain healthy nails. This keeps nails in top condition, so germs don’t get in.

Switch to Clean and Vegan nail polish for a healthier start

Clean and vegan nail polish brands are produced without toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polish that can damage nails. These vegan polishes are often water-based and cruelty-free as well. Look into indie nail polish brands like DEMIblue Natural Nails. With a wide variety of colors, there’s no shortage of good-quality nail polishes out there.

Read more about the “Toxic Trio” and the benefits of vegan nail polish here.

Smooth nails when trimming them

Use files to smooth out edges after cutting. This keeps nails neat and prevents snagging and potential breakage. Sharp edges increase the risk of getting caught on other objects, so rounding the edges can help reduce the risk. Filing can also help you form the desired shape for your nails.

DEMIblue has files available now!

Also, check out the 8 Do’s and Don’t’s of Nail Care this new year.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a great new year!

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