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6 of the Best Nail Designs for the Holidays

With DEMIblue holiday gifts already up on our online storefront, it is a sure sign that the holidays are getting closer and closer. While we have already shared some winter colors with you from last week’s blog, this week will look closer at specifically holiday colors and designs.

Reds and Greens

Red and green are the classic colors associated with the winter holidays, especially Christmas. Commonly seen during the holiday season and representative colors of holiday products, red and/or green manicures are sure to fit in for many holiday seasons.

Check out Sexiest Red for a deep red and There is Hope for a dark mistletoe green.


Metallics never go out of style. During the holiday season, metallic nail colors are great for adding a bit of shimmer to your nails. From silver to gold and all the fun colors in between, the great variety of metallic shades offer something for everyone.

Try Lustful in the Flesh for an unconventional sparkly green. Silver Stiletto for a traditional silver. And The Duchess for a royal purple.

Candy Cane Stripes

The well-known stocking stuffer of the holiday season, you likely see candy canes

everywhere you go when December rolls around. So why not add them to your nails? They always look pretty and also tasty. You can do the typical diagonal stripes of red and white or try a peppermint swirl look. Though it may take some work, the resulting candy cane look is worth it.

Use a combo of Sexiest Red and Chalk it Up for a red-and-white candy cane.


Using bits of white nail polish, you can add a dusting of snow to every nail. There are various techniques for making a snowflake out of nail polish, but they go well on a base of any color. Blues might be traditional, but colors like red and no color also work.

The Signature DEMIblue offers a shiny blue base for snowflakes. Boo Blue offers a lighter blue color.

Sparkles and Glitter

You can never escape the holiday glitter. As part of the glitz and glamour of the holiday season, glitter adds that magic to your nails. From traditional gold glitter that pairs well with red to flaky colorful glitter in holiday colors, it’s never too much to have some sparkle to your nails.

Bling Girls offers pretty golden glitter for all ages.

Christmas Lights

As people start setting up their holiday decorations, the classic, colorful lightbulbs also emerge from storage. Light up your nails with some fun and bright Christmas lights. All you need are some colors, black nail polish for the wires, and a color of your choice for the background. This look offers a lot of room for creativity!

Try any of the colors in the DEMIblue online store!

Don’t forget! Our holiday offerings are out right now. Check out our website for more! Or this blog for more information.

Let the countdown to the holidays begin!

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