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6 Fun Nail Polish Colors for Kids

With the school year starting, you might not consider nail polish as a back to school essential, but it is a way for your children to express themselves. If your kids are interested in nail polish, check out vegan and non-toxic nail polish products like DEMIblue. Our line of DEMIblue for Girls specifically cater to small hands. Check it out here!

For a fun start to the school year, these are some popular and exciting nail polish colors, perfect for kids!


Classic for any situation and an energetic color to start off the school year strong.

Take a look at DEMIblue's California Girls for some luscious true red.

Baby Pink

Who doesn’t love a good pink? Opt for a softer color with pale pink nail polish.

Check out Baby Girls for the sweetest pink color.

Powder Blue

Light blue reminiscent of the sky is such a pretty color. Start your first day cool and collected with DEMIblue's Peek-a-Blue Girls.

Bright citrus

Bright yellows and greens are always fun to have. Add a pop of color from summer to school.

Check out Dizzy Girls for lime green and Star Girls for sunny yellow.


On trend for this year, pretty purple lavender presents a calm and soothing energy.

Try Princess Demi Girls for soft purple.


Nice and sparkly, you can add glitter over solid colors or go full-out bling with DEMIblue's aptly named Bling Girls.

Kids can wear healthy nail polish too! Check out DEMIblue for Girls on our Instagram!

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