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3 Things You SHOULD NOT Do to Your Nails

Nail care is important to preserve the integrity of your nails. Properly strong and flexible nails offer the best base for manicures. While there are many do’s and don’ts to nail care, here are three things you absolutely should avoid doing to your nails.

Biting or picking nails

Biting damages the fingernail, leading to cracking and brittleness. Weak or cracked nails risk allowing fungi or bacteria into the nail bed. Since nails protect the nail bed from outside damage, it’s important to ensure your nails stay intact. Also, avoid picking at skin or loose hangnails as they can tear and damage your nails too.

Use harsh chemicals on nails

Harsh chemicals can wear away at your nail health. They may dry up your hands, leading to more brittle and dry nails. Consider wearing gloves when cleaning to protect your hands from chemicals. Opt for non-toxic and vegan nail polish brands like DEMIblue that don’t use toxic chemicals in their polish formulas. Also, consider a soy-based remover instead of acetone.

Using nails as tools

Your nails are attached to you. Using them as tools can weaken that bond and hurt your nails in the long term. In terms of strength, you are better off opting for the actual tool designed for the job, like a can opener. A quick hack for opening soda cans if you have long nails, opt for a spoon.

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