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Nail Care Routine – All You Need To Know

Do You Know How To Properly Clean And Cut Your Nails?
Do You Know Your Nail Care Routine?

It is crucial that you do. It may not seem important but is as important as washing your hair and having a bath/shower. Read on to learn more about your nail care routine. Nails always make you feel good and nice about yourself.

Just because you treat yourself to regular manicures, you will most likely give very little thought to your nails and nail health.

It can be distressing if you have dry, brittle nails that feel weak or break easily. To keep your fingernails looking their best together with your nail care routine you must:

1. Clean Your Hands With Soap And Warm Water.

This will prevent the build-up of bacteria on your hands, will clean your nails and may prevent dirt under your nails getting worse. Wash off all the soap and dry your hands on a clean, soft towel. You should also soak your nails every other week or so in warm water and a moisturizing soap.

When cleaning under your nails, use a clean soft nail brush because otherwise you may be transferring dirt and skin cells back under your nails. Your nails are delicate and scrubbing them too roughly can actually expose you to infection.

2. Clean And Dry.

Keep your nails clean and dry. If they are wet for too long, bacteria can form under the nail and lead to infections. Too much exposure to water may actually lead to split fingernails.

3. Trim Your Nails While They Are Soft

Once washed with warm water, trim your nails. It is in fact easier to trim your nails after a bath/shower since they are soft and gentler to clip. You must trim your nails regularly depending on how quickly they grow and how long you want them. The more often you trim them (before they get too long), the stronger they will grow out to be.

Don’t file your nails immediately after exposure to water as this may weaken your nails.
4. Use A Hand Lotion/Cream

Using a hand lotion/cream will aid in moisturizing your skin in addition to the natural moisture that your body provides. When applying lotion/cream to your hands, make sure to rub some into and around your nails. This will not only soften your hands, but your fingernails and cuticles can benefit too which will improve nail health.

Using cuticle oil not only strengthens your nails, it helps you push back those cuticles. Rub a small amount of oil on and around your cuticles covering the skin around your nails as well. You can also dip your fingertips into a small bowl of oil for a couple of minutes. Using nail moisturizer is healthy for your nails and results in healthier and stronger nails.

6. Nail Hardener

Use nail hardener to make your nails stronger. You can pick this type of polish up at your local drugstore. However, avoid using too many nail polishes and removers on your nails. When using removers, look for acetone-free formulas.

7. Use Gloves

Whenever you’re cleaning with harsh chemicals, gardening, or doing anything that involves soaking or dirtying your hands, wear rubber, vinyl, nitrile or plastic gloves, preferably with a cotton liner. It not only protects your polish but keeps anything harsh or drying in your cleaning solutions off your hands.

Nail care must be a part of your daily routine. It will take some time till you get into this habit but the results will be amazing.

Do consider occasionally giving your nails time to breathe, product-free! Give yourself a mani-pedi at least once a month to keep your hands and feet looking nice.

By: Tips Turvy Nails| December 8, 2018⁠

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