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Easy And Natural Nail Care Tips And Tricks

When it comes to taking care of your nails, getting a manicure is not the only option. In fact, you must take care of your nails on a daily basis. Here are some simple tricks and tips that will help you do so. Take a look:

1. Keep Your Fingernails Dry And Clean.

All problems start with germs and bacteria. You must make sure that there is no scope for them to breed. Clean your nails regularly and make sure you dry them after washing. This also prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating under your nails. However, don’t overdo it; nails soaked in water for long durations may lead to splits.

When you need to wash dishes, it is best to protect your fingernails with gloves. You also need to ensure that the skin around the nails is clean and dirt-free too.

What we recommend is you take a toothbrush and apply some salt onto it and use it to scrub your nails and the skin around them gently.

2. Maintain Hygiene.

Clean your nails regularly and make sure all your nail tools are periodically washed and sanitized. Make sure that your nails don’t grow too long as that makes it easier for the dirt to accumulate below the nails.

Apply natural disinfectants on your nails like tea tree oil to keep the bacteria away and protect your nails from germs.

3. Trim Regularly.

Similar to how trimming your hair regularly is good for its health, the same goes for your nails. Take a nail cutter and cut them neatly.

Take out some time every few weeks to trim your nails and shape them in a manner you like. It is best if you trim your nails in a straight line and then either square or round them off at the tips.

4. Never Scrape Off Your Nail Polish.

Scraping off your nail polish is the worst thing you can do to them. It makes your nail surface rough and patchy. It also strips away the top layer of your nails.

Also, to prevent the polish from chipping off on its own, you must apply the nail paint in two rounds of thin coats instead of dousing it in one thick layer of color.

Instead of hurriedly scraping off your nail paint to avoid the chipped nail polish look, carry a few nail polish remover tissues.

5. File Your Nails In One Direction.

File slowly and gently, and in one direction. Otherwise, the nails get weak and break prematurely.

Filing in the same direction also helps you achieve a smooth tip and makes it easier for you to shape the tip in a manner you want. Filing them in an aggressive manner blunts your tips and leaves no scope of shaping them.

Begin to file from one corner to the center and then from the center to the other edge or vice versa. This process helps you achieve a smooth finish and doesn’t harm your nail beds.

6. Avoid Harsh Polish.

You need to be very careful while picking a nail polish. Paraben and sulfate filled ones are bad for your nails and the skin surrounding it.

Also, eating with hands that have paint on its nails is not a good idea as bits of the nail paint can chip and fall into the food, which will eventually go inside your body and cause harm. Instead, choose natural and chemical-free nail paints that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

7. Cut Nails Straight Across.

Cut your nails evenly to avoid any ingrowth. Do not let your nails grow too much. Always keep them leveled and even for a neat look.

Growing nails too long makes them long and curved and causes issues like broken skin and ruptured cuticles. Best to cut them short and round them at the tips.

8. Try Natural Nail-Strengthening Treatments.

You can opt for some conditioning treatments that can strengthen your nails. Conditioners that contain CF formulas are a good choice. They hydrate and nourish your nails and make them healthy and strong.

By: By Esha Saxena| December 6, 2021⁠

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