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Here are 4 ways to fix your nail polish if it's gone thick!

1. Use a nail polish thinner

This is actually the best method to solve your nail polish woes and restore its consistency without destroying the product. Usually, many nail polish brands have thinners of their own you can choose from.

  • Use an eyedropper if possible to add a drop or two at a time into the bottle.

  • Screw the nail polish bottle cap back on and rub the bottle between your hands to mix the formula. Avoid shaking the bottle as it creates air bubbles that can affect the consistency.

  • Test the consistency of the polish on your nail.

  • If it’s not quite right to add a drop and try again. However, be careful not to add too much. The polish might get too runny and you won’t be able to re-thicken it again.

2. Mix the polish

Gently mixing your nail polish works if the product has thickened just a little bit. Make sure the bottle is sealed and turn it upside down. Then roll it between your hands for a few minutes. This helps to gently warm up the polish and help thin it out. Remember, as we mentioned above, shaking isn’t the way to go as it creates air bubbles that can cause nail polish to chip quickly. It can also cause the product to become thicker, so shake at your own risk.

3. Hot water

If rubbing the polish between your hands doesn’t quite do the job and you are out of lacquer thinner, hot water is a great trick. All you have to do is run the bottle under hot water to heat the polish. This will temporarily thin out the formula. The best way to implement this method would be to pour hot water in a bowl and leave the bottle in for about 2 minutes. Next, remove the bottle carefully as it can be very hot, so please handle with caution. You need to then roll the bottle back in forth in your hands to mix the polish inside.

4. Add pure acetone or nail polish remover

I would only suggest this as your last resort when you’re trying to use up the last bits before tossing the bottle. Adding a few drops and mixing the bottle will thin your polish but it’s only good for short-term results. While it does work as a quick fix, the acetone will break down the formula and ruin your nail polish. If you’ve got to this stage it’s probably time to wave goodbye to your old nail polish.

By: Kanak Devnani | Oct. 08, 2020

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