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#WisdomWednesday Don't Believe the Hype..Common Nail Myths

Updated: May 27, 2020

White spots indicate a calcium deficiency. Ice water dries polish faster. Chipping off nail polish reduces growth. Yup, we've all likely heard these so-called facts and more when it comes to our nails.

Here's My top 5 and the truth!

1. Cutting Your Cuticles Is Harmless

Most of us don’t think twice before pushing back our cuticles or allowing a technician to cut them. Although we may not like their appearance, keeping our cuticles in tact is actually crucial to keeping our nails healthy.

2. Green Spots On Your Nails Are Fungi Or Mold

When it comes to assuming you’re going to need your finger amputated over a horrid green spot making itself at home on your nail, well, I’ve been there and done that. Contrary to popular belief, these green spots are not usually mold. Instead, the spots might be “pseudomonas,” a household bacteria that can form under your nail enhancement. When bacteria become trapped between the nail plate and your artificial enhancements, this oxygen-free environment can cause pseudomonas to thrive. This pesky blemish may not be pleasing to the eye, but you can rest assured knowing that it’s a bacterial, and not a fungal, infection.

3. UV Gels Are Better Than Acrylics

No matter how much anyone tells you that UV gels are much better than acrylics, it’s just not true. “Both processes involve chemicals and complex processes to bond to the natural nail.” “Aside from breathing in the toxins, our skin and nails absorb what we put on them.”

4. Cold Water Dries Polish Faster

If I had a nickel for every time I ruined a fresh mani within the first five minutes, I’d be a millionaire. Rumor has it that plunging your nails into ice water will dry your polish faster. If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. Getting polish to dry requires evaporation of solvents, which can’t happen when your nails are submerged in water. The ice water may only harden the top layer of your polish, which will leave the underlying layers wet and prone to dents. Besides, if the ice water trick truly worked, wouldn’t they do it in salons?

5. Adding Acetone To Clumpy Nail Polish Will Refresh It

You may have heard that adding remover to your old nail polish will revive it if it has become yucky and old. Well, guess again! According to makeup entrepreneur Michelle Phan, most removers contain acetone, which only ruins the formula of your polish. Nail polish thinner is the way to go to restore your lacquer back to its glory days. A thinner will evaporate the chemicals in your polish without breaking down the formula like acetone.

........content provided by: Lauren B., nail expert of luxury polish brand Lauren B. Beauty

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