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#Wisdom Wednesday

Vitamin D deficiency is bad for Black Women

Sufficient Vitamin D Levels May Improve Outcomes Women with higher vitamin D levels have improved breast cancer survival, according to data presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting. Researchers measured vitamin D levels in 3,995 women diagnosed with breast cancer. Compared with those deficient in vitamin D, those with “sufficient” levels (at least 30 ng/mL) were 22% less likely to have died from breast cancer after 10 years. On average, Black women had the lowest vitamin D levels, a finding that appears to have contributed to lower overall survival in this group. Of course, it’s possible that aggressive cancers deplete vitamin D. But this study adds to previous data suggesting that vitamin D may improve cancer outcomes. Either way, it’s prudent to get the recommended 600 IU per day for younger adults and 800 IU for adults over 70. Intakes of 1,500-2,000 IU per day may be needed to reach 30 ng/mL. Do not exceed 4,000 IU per day unless prescribed by a healthcare provide💙

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Lee Crosby, MD

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

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