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Top 8 Predicted Nail Trends of 2023

2022 was no stranger to popular nail trends. With social media and the Internet in full swing, nail colors and designs went viral. But now that we are in 2023, what kinds of changes in the nail scene will we see now? Many experts have predicted the top changes in nail trends as we move into 2023. From nail colors to nail shapes, things are ever-evolving in the nail world.

Nail shape

Shorter nail lengths rise in popularity along with more square or squoval shapes. Oval and almond shapes of varying lengths may also see a return.

Nail colors

Subtle chrome

The past year saw chromes as a very trendy new look. This year, the chrome is continuing to develop, perhaps trending towards a more soft and understated side. Experts discuss the use of neutral tones underneath a layer of chrome color.

Barbiecore pink

This bright and colorful pink has been seen throughout the past year and will likely continue into this year. With the Barbie movie coming out in Summer 2023, bright pinks are sure to stick around.

DEMIblue offers many pinks. From bubblegum pink Pinky Dinky Doo to vibrant 80's Lipstick.

Milky colors

The elevated nude, milky colors provide a clean but still upgraded look. They create a natural-looking color to nails without being just another nude color.

Peaceful Mind and Be Kind add a little pale pink and cream. Layer on Pearls and Lace for some sparkle.

Pantone’s Color of the Year- Viva Magenta

A deep crimson-pink color, this is sure to make an appearance everywhere in 2023, and nails are no exception. Viva Magenta represents bravery and fearlessness. As Pantone describes, “a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration.”

Meant to be empowering, the color is a statement of expression and is sure to be a powerful accent in the nail world. Check it out on Pantone's website:

Manicure trends

Clean and simple

Popularized in the past year with the glazed donut trend, clean and healthy-looking nails are also growing in popularity. To show off plain but pretty nails, shades attempt to showcase the natural nail color while smoothing over blemishes, creating a clean, low-maintenance, manicured look.

For a more healthy nail polish experience, consider switching to clean and vegan nail polish too. Check out DEMIblue’s variety of colors.

Very slight french manicures

The French manicure returns, but with a twist. Tiny slivers of barely-there color in the typical french manicure shape look classic and refined.

Minimalist designs

From single squiggles to shiny accents, easy and minimal designs become more mainstream. Understated designs are the name of the game this year.

From understated to stand-out, there’s no shortage of nail trends predicted to come in 2023. Pick your favorite and let’s tackle the new year!

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