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Top 10 Popular Nail Polishes

June 1st is National Nail Polish Day! Celebrating all things nails, this holiday is the perfect time to experiment with nail polish. Grab another bottle of your favorite color, or try something new. Here at DEMIblue, we got our start in clean and vegan nail polish. As a homage to our beginnings, let’s take a look at some fan-favorite DEMIblue polishes.

Pearls and Lace

A beautiful light pink glitter polish, no wonder this is a popular choice for many. Pearls and Lace works well by itself or layered on other colors to add a bit of shimmer.

Peaceful Mind

Part of our Sign of the Times Fall Collection, Peaceful Mind is a pale neutral pink. A classic and chic neutral color for day-to-day wear.

The Signature DEMIblue

A shimmery deep blue shade, this is a personal favorite. This signature color is best for making a bold statement.

80’s Lipstick

80’s Lipstick is a bright and eyecatching fuschia shade. This nail polish brings ample fun energy and excitement, making it a popular choice.

Dancing on the Moon

A very recent addition to the DEMIblue polish family, Dancing on the Moon was introduced in May as part of our “Bleu Me Away” Collection. A standout among the lovely blues in the collection, Dancing on the Moon is unique as it is a glitter polish full of holographic moons, stars, and glitter flakes.

Boo Blue

A classic and longtime resident that also recently joined the “Bleu Me Away” Collection, Boo Blue is a neutral cornflower blue. It’s great for adding a subtle but still elegant pop of color to your nails.

Lustful in the Flesh

An underrated color in our opinion, this dark turquoise shimmery polish is a conversation starter. A gorgeous nail polish, Lustful in the Flesh deserves more attention.

Summer Dress Season

A juicy watermelon pink color, it’s the perfect color for the summer that leaves you craving more.

Chalk It Up

The classic white color is an essential for anyone. This is a basic must-have.


Another super bright summer color, this orange polish’s energy is just what its name suggests; it leaves an explosive impression. This is part of our ever-popular Hot Girl Summer Collection.

With June just around the corner, stock up on your favorite summer polishes or check out some new ones to celebrate National Nail Polish Day!

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