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The 11 Best Spring Colors for Nails

Updated: May 1, 2023

This 2023 spring season has seen a more relaxed approach to nail color trends. Winter’s darker colors and glazed looks have given way to spring’s soft, calm colors. With the leaves and flowers blossoming this April, it’s the best time to swap out your manicure for something fun and light. DEMIblue’s Clean and Vegan nail polish is here to help you choose your next nail color for spring!

Creamy Peach

A peachy polish creates a fun but flavorful spin to a classic pink nude color. A tint of peach is a sweet addition to your fingertips.

Grab Peachy Keen for an orangey peach color.

Bright Pink

With the new Barbie movie’s promos being all the rage recently, you can guarantee that bright Barbie pink won’t go out of season anytime soon.

Check out Pinky Dinky Doo for classic pink or 80’s Lipstick for a darker pink.

Pale Green

Representative of the colors of the spring leaves, pale spring green is understandably a staple for this season. The color adds a touch of freshness to your nails.

Check out Dizzy Girls, now available in full-sized bottles.

Shimmery Sparkles

Shimmer and sparkle come back every season. This spring, pink and neutral sparkles can be seen everywhere. Who doesn’t like a good sparkly nail?

Pearls and Lace is a top seller item. This peachy shimmer is perfect for spring.

Vanilla Nude

This basic nude color is a mix of pink, brown, and cream. Good to pair with any outfit or occasion, it’s an option for those looking for a more neutral and trendy color.

Check out Be Kind for beige or Peaceful Mind for a hint of pink.

Soft Blue

The deep blues of winter have given way to the softer, pastel blues of spring and summer. While you don’t have to go completely pale blue, lighter blue hues are gorgeous.

Check out Boo Blue’s cornflower blue. Also, stay tuned for our new DEMIblue polish line, “Bleu Me Away!” Coming soon in May!

Mauve Pink

Another pink option, this is a deeper pink color without going full magenta. It can

DEMIblue's Pink Panties have been very popular.

Butter Yellow

There’s something youthful about a good summery yellow. If you’re missing the sun, a light yellow polish brings the sunlight to your fingertips.

Check out Star Girl for a lovely paler yellow color.

Leafy Green

Leafy crisp green, like other greens, reflects the season’s new growth. It’s a flattering and nice shade overall.

Check out Lend a Hand for a lighter green or Envi Us press-on nails.

Watermelon Red

Watermelon may be a summer fruit, but it’s never too early to start thinking about it. A nice watermelon red feels refreshing to look at.

Baby Pink

Our third pink color covered in this article, baby pink carries the softness of spring with it. Reminds you of the flowers.

Also, check out the spring nail art ideas with which you can use these colors! It’s a time for new beginnings!

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