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Mother’s Day Nail Product Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, what better day to celebrate the mom in your life than with clean and vegan nail products. At DEMIblue Natural Nails, we offer nontoxic nail polish and nail care items to make sure nails stay healthy and strong. Check out these products from DEMIblue to help pamper mom this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Nail Care Bundle

Our all-new Mother’s Day Nail Care Bundle is for sale now on This set comes with a bottle of our nontoxic and cruelty-free nail polish in the shade Sexiest Red, a bottle of our Soy Polish Remover, the Super Dry Top Coat, and a Hydrating Base Coat. This set contained everything you would need for a perfect manicure, from start to finish.

Three-Step System

A smaller package but still has everything you will need, the Three-Step System comes with our Hydrating Base Coat, a DEMIblue nail polish color, and our Super Dry Top Coat. Simple and easy to use for a manicure in three steps.

Press-On Nails

DEMIblue’s newly released press-on nails collection, “Naturally Press’d,” is perfect for the mom on the go. With quick application and a massive variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, these press-on nails save the hassle of going to the salon but result in similarly beautiful manicures. We have also recently released many shorter options for customers who may prefer shorter nails.

“Bleu Me Away” Collection

DEMIblue’s newest collection is full of magical blues in all shades. From our classic Signature DEMIblue to our bright and fresh pastel blues, this is the perfect set for someone whose favorite color is blue.

Mommy and Me Duo

The Mommy and Me Duo comes with a full-sized DEMIblue Clean and Vegan Nail Polish bottle and a DEMIblue for Girls nail polish in the corresponding color. This is a great gift to bond across generations.

Nail Polish and Nail Care Products

Check out our shop for DEMIblue’s entire collection of nail polish colors and nail care products. Pick up a shade of your mom’s favorite color, or grab something new to try. Take care of your nails with our popular nail care items, new and old. All products are vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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