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I Didn’t Know That! 8 Fun Facts about Nail Polish

Millions of people around the world use nail polish. With worldwide consumption, nail polish has become one of the largest beauty industries. While much is known about nail polish and its history, here are some fun facts to add more interest to the beauty product’s colorful past.

Nail polish used to signify social standing in many societies.

In Ancient Egypt, red was for royalty. Cleopatra was said to have dyed her nails red with the henna plant. In Ming Dynasty China, the longer the nails the higher the social standing to show that rulers didn’t need to keep their nails short to work. These long nails were dyed or dusted with color and protected with sheaths.

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The earliest nail polish originated in 3000 BC.

In Ancient China, people used beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and various dyes to achieve nail polish. However, Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians painted their nails before 3000 BC. They used dyes such as henna and kohl.

Nail polish actually came from car paint!

In the 1920s, the nail polish enamel formula was adapted from car enamel by a woman working for what is now known today as Revlon. Can’t imagine the formula was very good for nail health back then, but we’ve come a long way since! Hundreds of nontoxic, much healthier, long-wear formulas are out there, like DEMIblue Natural Nails.

A dentist created acrylic nails.

Artificial nails have a history with dentists. To prevent patients from biting their nails and damaging their teeth, dentist Maxwell Lapp came up with artificial nails. Later on, Fred Slack came up with acrylic nails.

The first nail salon was opened in 1878.

Named Mrs. Pray’s Manicure, Mary E. Cobb opened it in America after training in nail manicuring in France. She didn’t stop there and later created her nail polish line and an at-home manicure guide, eventually inventing the emery board.

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French tips didn’t actually originate in France.

Created in 1975 by Jeff Pink, the then CEO of Orly, the French tip manicure first appeared in California. The reference to France may be because the design didn’t catch on until the runways in Paris started using them on models. Now it has become one of the most versatile and popular nail art styles with a wide range of possible designs.

The most expensive nail polish costs 250K.

Made by well-known jewelry designer Azature Pogosian, this black polish contains 267 carats of black diamonds. He specializes in black diamonds, so when he moved to the nail polish industry, this very pricey nail polish emerged. Whether the black diamonds’ effect is really worth the money is up for debate.

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An opened bottle of nail polish lasts for about two years.

Ever wonder how long you can keep your nail polish around? Here’s the rather mundane but practical fact to have in your pocket. Nail polish, once opened, loses some of the ingredients in the formula because they evaporate. Over time, the formula will start to change.

Hope this knowledge can be a fun fact for you to keep in your back pocket or even a conversation starter!

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