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How Do I Choose The Best Nail Polish Color Based on Skin Tone?

Have you ever struggled with choosing a nail polish color or wondered how you could find colors that look the best with your skin tone? While there is no right or wrong way to choose nail polish colors, there are undoubtedly many articles on choosing the best nail color based on skin tone. Here’s a quick rundown of nail polish colors that might be best for various skin tones.

First off, understanding skin tone is crucial. People’s skin tones are unique and vary from person to person. Generally, skin tone is described as fair, medium (or olive), and dark. However, when matching cosmetics colors or nail polish, in this case, you want to look at your skin’s undertones.

Undertones are described as warm, cool, or neutral. There are many ways to determine your undertones, but a quick way is to look at your veins. Your veins are usually visible on your wrist or hands, where the skin is very thin. You have a warm skin tone if they appear green or greenish blue. You have a cool skin tone if your veins look blue or purple. You have a neutral skin tone if you can’t tell if they are green or blue. All in all, it can be difficult to truly know what your undertone is.

Once you have settled on what your undertone might be, here are some suggestions on nail polish color for combinations of skin tone and undertones:

Fair and cool

Pastels work great here. From pale blues and light grays to baby pinks and lavender, lighter colors generally work better for those with fair skin tones and cool undertones.

For a grayish beige color, check out Be Kind.

Pink Panties

Fair and warm

Coral pink colors would bring in more rosy hues. Natural colors like creamy ivory or beige also warm the skin. Avoid beiges that are too dark, though, as they can wash out the skin.

Check out Pink Panties for a light mauve for Peaceful Mind for creamy beige.

Fair and neutral

Neutral undertones work with most colors, so anything that works for cool and warm undertones from above would also work for neutral skin! Experiment with different colors to find your personal preference.

The Signature DEMIblue

Medium and cool

Silver metallics and jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blues, bright pinks, and ruby reds work beautifully. Consider darker colors with lots of warmth.

Check out Silver Stilleto for silver or The Signature DEMIblue for a sapphire blue.

Medium and warm

Check out rich earthy tones of browns and tans for a neutral look. Greens such as a muted pistachio green or forest green would also work. Brown undertones with the nail polish color reflect the warm undertones in your skin.

For a muted olive green, check out Lend a Hand.

Peachy Keen

Medium and neutral

Again, if you have neutral undertones, you can pull off any color, but vibrant colors are a great choice. For instance, minty colors, deep browns, creamy vanilla pinks, and soft peaches all work well.

For a soft peach, consider Peachy Keen.

Dark and cool

Very bright jewel tones are your best friend. From stark white to royal blue and deep purple, popping fuschia to turquoise, these colors all stand out beautifully to add a pop of color.

Check out 80's Lipstick for a darker fuschia and The Dutchess for a shimmering purple.

Hen Yak Brown

Dark and warm

Deep colors such as browns and golds with copper undertones help enhance your complexion. Deep greens and various shades of yellow will also work.

Check out Sunny Juliet with soft yellow or Hen Yak Brown for a shiny rich brown.

Dark and neutral

You can pull off any color. Go ahead and grab your favorite!

Of course, this is just a guide. Nail polish color is your own choice. Check out this other blog article “Help!! What is the Best Way to Choose My Nail Polish Color?” for more ways to choose your nail polish.

Whatever color you want is a good color!

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