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#WisdomWednesday Health Conscious Community

Updated: May 27, 2020

The groundbreaking efforts behind St. Louis Nail Polish Brand “DEMIblue“, driven by the brand's creator Michelle Robinson, focused on Women, Community, Collaboration, Health, and Wellness. We targeted Health Conscious women and invited them to participate in the selection of the collections nail polish colors and their unique names (Pink Panties, Lustful in the Flesh, Chalk it up...) to name a few. ”My nail polish collection was inspired partly by my mom's experience with cancer and is a call to action to offer healthier nail care product choices for women. It was important for me to engage with Women and allow them to be a part of the process”. TOGETHER we collectively named 22 bold and alluring colors in the DEMIblue 7-Free Vegan-Friendly nail polish collection.



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