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Everything You Need for Nail Care: Out with the Old and In with the New

Spring is arriving as we transition from March to April.

With spring cleaning, also consider looking through your nail care toolkit. Here are some ways to freshen up your arsenal of nail care products and polishes in preparation for the warmer months.

Audit old nail polishes

Nail polishes that are unopened are usually okay. If they are left open, some liquid might evaporate, leaving the formula thick and at risk of separating. If you see the clear liquid part of the polish and the pigment have separated, try rolling your nail polish bottle around to see if you can get the two parts to mix again. If they don’t mix, it’s probably time to toss that polish.

Restock your favorites.

If you throw away some of your favorite spring and summer shades from last year, check out some new colors available at your favorite shops. Oftentimes, companies will release new colors and products every year.

For instance, DEMIblue recently released fresh new press-on nails with several floral patterns perfect for the spring.

Also, check out the blog from last week for more info on spring nail art ideas.

Clean your nail care products

Clean nail tools are critical for preventing the buildup of bacteria. It’s suggested to sanitize tools after every use.

Boil nail clippers in hot water for 30 minutes or soak them in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (at least 70%) for 30 minutes. Cuticle pushers, cuticle clippers, and nail scissors can be disinfected similarly.

Nail buffers are porous and can’t be disinfected. If you’re just using personal nail care products at home, you can wipe them down after use and spray them with alcohol to minimize bacteria transfer. The same applies to porous nail files, though you can clean glass files using the boiling water method.

If you use nail brushes for nail art, it is good to clean them after use to keep the brushes nice and usable for sanitary reasons.

Stock up on nail care supplies

If you’re looking for nail care tips and tricks, check out these articles for the rundown on nail care products and more.

Restock on any supplies you may have cleaned out as spring is here. DEMIblue recently launched an on-the-go manicuring kit, perfectly stocked with everything you need to care for your nails from anywhere. It comes with: nail clippers, nail files, cuticle pushers, and more

Also, grab some of our other popular clean and vegan nail care essentials here!

Now you’re ready to tackle a new season with healthy and beautiful nails!

Whether you opt for natural nails, polish, gel, press-ons, or any other manicure technique, healthy nails are always best as they create the base for applying manicures.

The key to self-care starts at your fingertips!

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