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Essential Nail How-tos

As summer rolls around, it’s the perfect time to switch up your nail game. Here at DEMIblue, we are introducing How-Tos on our website and youtube page. Learn how to up your nail polish game, from applying nail polish to press-on nail hacks.

Check out all of our videos below:

How to Smoothly Apply Nail Polish

Knowing how to smoothly apply nail polish helps your DIY manicures look salon-grade. It’s also oh-so-satisfying to see the perfectly smooth nail polish.

  1. Go in with a base coat. The pinky finger is a good starting point.

  2. When the base coat tries, apply one or more applications of your choice of nail polish color. If you are happy with the opacity of just one coat, you can stop there, but two coats are often the golden number to build up a solid color.

  3. Add any nail art, stickers, and others while the polish is still wet.

  4. Finish up with a top coat.

  5. Top off the free edge of your nail as well. This means wrapping the polish around the tip of your nail.

  6. Apply cuticle oil once everything has dried.

Tips and Tricks in Application

Use the 3-stroke method:

  1. Start with the brush at the center base of your nail, close to the cuticle.

  2. Push the brush back slightly to get it closer to the cuticle.

  3. Then pull the brush towards the free edge. You now have a stripe of polish down the center of your nail.

  4. Go back to the base where you started in the first step.

  5. This time, swipe the polish around the edge of the nail, taking the brush all the way to the free edge.

  6. Repeat with the other side of the nail.

How to Remove Nail Polish

Using a Soy Polish Remover rather than an acetone-based remover is healthier on your nails. Soy removers are less likely to dry out nails, but require a slightly different technique when removing polish.

  1. Soak a cotton ball in the polish remover.

  2. Vigorously rub the cotton ball over the nail polish. Because a soy remover is oil-based, it will take a little longer for the remover to take off all the polish.

  3. After some rubbing, the nail polish will be removed.

How to Apply Press-On Nails

DEMIblue press-on nails come with a step-by-step guide on how to apply our press-on nails. For more tips and tricks in applying press-ons, check out our blog: Tips and Tricks for Press-On Nails

  1. Buff and file your nails. Make sure they are clean and dry.

  2. Choose a jelly sticker that fits your nail size. You can trim the sticker sheet for the perfect fit.

    1. Check out the video here.

  3. Find the nails that best fit your finger. You can trim the nails with nail clippers for the best fit.

    1. Check out the video here.

  4. Adhere the nail from the nail bed to the tip. Press for 10 seconds.

  5. Once they have fully adhered, file the nail to your desired shape.

Press-On Nail Hacks

  • Don’t forget which press-on goes with which nail! Once you have sized your nails down to their perfect size, take note of which press-on shape fits which nail using this method:

  • Press-on nails are reusable! Just remove the stickers from the back of the nail, and you the nails are ready to be applied again.

Bonus: Learn how to create ombre nails

  1. Start with a base coat.

  2. Once it’s dry, apply a latex-free, peel-off barrier around the edge of your nail.

  3. Choose two colors for your ombre! Colors closer together on the rainbow typically blend better. For example, blue-green, purple-pink, red-orange-yellow, and brown-cream.

  4. Place the two colors on the flat side of a makeup sponge.

  5. Dab them in the desired order across the nail. You may need several applications to achieve a solid blend.

  6. Once you are satisfied with the ombre look, peel off the barrier.

  7. You can go in with a small paintbrush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges of your nail.

  8. Apply a top coat.

Feel free to let us know what other how-tos you would like to see!

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