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Do-it-Yourself: Popular Nail Art Trends

Have you ever looked at beautiful nail art manicures and wondered how you can recreate them with limited supplies? While some nail art designs are best left to the professionals, there are still a few simple, popular current nail art trends that do not require much artistic flourish but still look sleek and glamorous. However, a small paintbrush might still be useful to have on hand to give you control over the small canvas of your nail. So grab your nail polish and paintbrushes, we’re going to look at some easy, trendy nail art today!

French Tips

Classic and elegant, a french tip manicure always creates an air of professionalism. Traditionally done in white over the tips of nails, there has now been a shift to doing french tips of all colors, adding a pop of fun to a typically simple manicure style. You can even change up the shape of the tip. From two-toned tips (two colors on the same nail tip) to two color french tips (base color, then a tip color), the possibilities are endless

If you can exact the right control over the thicker nail polish brush for a french tip, then that’s great. If not, a smaller brush might help get a crisper tip.


Geometric patterns are all straight lines and shapes. Many times, this manicure starts with a base color, then you can add a geometric design, like triangles, squares, or just lines. You can create a pattern on a single nail or change it up for every nail. There are endless combinations and endless patterns you might be able to create.

It’s helpful to have a small detail brush and a steady hand. Consider drawing out designs on paper before committing to the nail.


A common nail art manicure that has shown up across platforms is manicures of swirls across the nail. Oftentimes done with colors of your choice, this nail art trend results in a simple, but still interesting, pattern on your nails. Changing up your choice in color makes it versatile and suitable for any occasion. From neutrals to bright summer colors, swirls make for an engaging nail art manicure for people looking to change it up.

A little more challenging to create, a small brush and a steady hand are best for this design.

Stripes and Dots

Stripes are another classic design and dots are its circular cousin. There are no rules with these two designs. You can simply do what you feel like doing. Stripes can go in any direction and be any color. Dots can be any color and have any placement pattern (or none at all). You can’t go wrong with these two designs.

Stripes require some control and a steady hand. Some nail artists lay down strips of nail vinyls that help create a crisp line. Dots can be recreated using the end of a small paintbrush or perhaps with a toothpick.

Mix it up with a different design on every nail

Experiment and play around with simple nail art shapes and patterns. You can mix and match all sorts of styles and patterns. Different nail art on every nail makes each one unique and interesting. If you are unsure of where to start, look no further than the internet for inspiration, where talented nail artists create beautiful nail art of all types.

Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated. Even the most basic shapes and patterns can form an elevated look. Be creative and have fun!

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