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Did You Know? Today is National I Love My Feet Day!

We frequently give a lot of attention to our hands and fingernails. Manicures, nail care, and hand lotions help our hands remain happy and healthy. While our hands are undoubtedly important, our feet are the foundation of our lives. From supporting our full weight every day to helping us travel long distances, feet are the bedrock of our mobility and body. So why don’t they get as much love as hands?

Today is the day to give your feet some love because today is National I Love My Feet Day. Started by Carolyn Jenkins in 2015, today is not only a day to appreciate your feet but also a day to properly take care of your feet. Your feet keep you stable, help you stand and walk, and will always be your more reliable form of transportation if you take good care of them. As long as you love your feet, they will always faithfully get you where you need to go.

So what should we do today to celebrate?

National I Love My Feet Day aims to remind people to learn about foot care. You can share good foot care tips, like choosing suitable footwear, and partake in activities to help us celebrate our feet and keep them healthy.

How to Choose Good Footwear: Tips and Tricks

  1. Measure your feet at the end of the day. That is when your feet are the largest.

  2. The width of the shoe also matters. The widest part of your feet is where your toes begin. This part of your foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe.

  3. Also, consider the depth of the shoe; make sure your toes fit at the end of the shoe. Also, ensure there’s some space between your toes and the end of the shoe (usually, about the width of your finger is a good test).

  4. Your shoe size is only a shorthand. Different companies use different measurements for their shoe sizes. Make sure to also check the actual measurements for a specific company’s shoes

  5. “Test drive” the shoe. Make sure the shoes fit comfortably right from the first try-on. This means they don’t chafe or rub, you’re not sliding around the shoe or slipping out, but the shoe also isn’t squeezing your feet.

  6. Many factors play into wearing a shoe (socks vs. no socks, activities you might be doing, your natural foot shape, etc.). Consider your personal preference in styles and comfort (like arch support, breathability, cushioning, etc.) when choosing a shoe.

  7. Your shoes serve you! If they aren’t comfortable, you likely won’t wear them often, and they might hurt your foot. If possible, return shoes that don’t fit well.

3 Activities To Do

  1. Get a pedicure- What better way to treat your feet than to get them pampered? Get them dressed up with some nail polish or even just a massage that will make your feet feel good.

  2. Buy some new shoes- Treat your feet (and yourself) with some new kicks. Make sure you’re picking comfortable shoes using the tips mentioned above.

  3. Go for a walk- Walking is not only an excellent low-energy exercise that anyone can enjoy, but it also exercises your foot muscles. Strong muscles reduce your risk of injury. The average person should walk 10,000 steps daily, so get out there and exercise your feet.

Quick Feet Fun Facts

  1. Your feet will not be exactly the same. More often than not, one of your feet will be slightly larger than the other.

  2. They’re surprisingly very complex, with over 100 muscles, 33 joints, and 26 bones.

  3. The top of your foot is called the talus. It’s a bone that connects to the bones of your lower leg, the tibia and the fibula.

Your hands carry objects, but your feet carry you. Make every day a day where you love your feet!

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