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Did you know Dry brushing may decrease your cancer risk?

Dry brushing should be done first thing in the a.m. to simulate blood circulation. It also helps the skin in decreasing the use of lotions that can cause drying due to alcohols. This should last no more than 10 mins for the entire body and have been linked to decrease the chances for cancers. Dry brushes also decreases the look of stretch marks

1. Start at the neck and make small strokes downward towards the heart

2. Stroke each part of the body located above the torso DOWNWARDS towards the heart

3. Make sure to sweep under the arms and the breast area

4. Starting at the ankles, make brushing strokes UPWARD towards the heart

5. Make sure to get behind the knees and inner thighs

6. At the belly area, make circular strokes as this helps with digestion

Just Shine baby Shine!

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