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DEMIblue Inspired by Series: Nancy Twine

This is our final blog post of the series for this month! We hope you have enjoyed learning about all the amazing and inspiring women in the beauty industry. That said, this week will be all about Nancy Twine, a hair care business owner and champion of environmentally-friendly products.

Twine started young, assisting her grandmother when she made homemade hair care products for the community in West Virginia. Moving out into NYC in her youth induced her to realize that store-bought products for natural hair care simply did not live up to expectations. Armed with her grandmother’s recipes and a talented natural chemist team, Twine took a leap, leaving her job in finance and launching Briogeo Hair Care. The company produces high-performance hair products based in natural ingredients.

Considered a “green beauty expert,” Twine became the youngest African American to launch a line at Sephora. The goal of her company is to provide clean and natural solutions for all people’s hair. Briogeo was named with this mission in mind. “Brio” means vibrant and full of life in Italian, and “geo” means earth and nature in Latin. Her Don’t Despair, Repair!™ brand line has grown very popular, with the Deep Conditioning Mask even winning awards. Products can be used universally by all people and aim to nourish damaged hair, reducing breakage and dryness.

Twine wants the company to represent a way for people to make informed and healthy choices. Her brand has been defying the norms of the beauty industry, becoming one of the first movers towards more inclusivity in the hair care space. Twine hopes that people of all hair textures and ethnicities can relate to her brand. She enjoys the supportive space she formed with her fellow business owners in the beauty and wellness industry.

Recently, she is still launching new products in line with her clean beauty brand image. Twine has also been amping up sustainable practices within the company and recycling capabilities for products.

Check out this interview to learn more about Nancy Twine and Briogeo.

Thanks for following this series for Black History Month! You can view all our posts from the series so far here.

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