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DEMIblue Inspired by Series: Lisa Price

We’re back again this week to continue our celebration of Black History Month and influential women in the beauty industry.

This week, we’re highlighting Lisa Price, an entrepreneur and business owner of Carol’s Daughter. Named after her mother, who encouraged Price to start selling her products to the public, the company is one of the first African-American-owned product lines with a flagship store. It sells a wide variety of natural skin care products, both for the face and body, hair products, and even aromatic products for the home.

Founded in 1993 from Price’s kitchen, the brand saw great success when Oprah Winfrey promoted the products on her show. Since 2002, Price’s company has seen massive growth in revenue and popularity. In 2012, she sold the company to L’Oreal but continues to play a part in product development and the course of the brand.

Price is a big proponent of black-owned businesses and business owners, acknowledging the challenges in resource disparities that frequently occur. She continues to mentor other black-owned companies and advocate for business owners. Even though she doesn’t own Carol’s Daughter anymore, Price still makes homemade skincare products, indulges in baths and massages, and experiments with makeup and nail polish. According to an interview with The Cut, she advises others to not give up. Take a break if you’re stressed and regroup to tackle the situation.

For Lisa Price, you should always learn from mistakes and keep going.

Stay tuned next week as we highlight more amazing women in beauty! Check out our blog!

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