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9 Trending Summer 2023 Nail Colors

Happy First Day of Summer! Today is the Summer Equinox, the longest day of the year. It officially marks the start of the season spent in the sun. From days at the beach to staying cool under the shade, summertime brings a colorful flare that contrasts with the soft colors of spring. Here are the trendy colors of this 2023 season to kick off the official start of summer.

Bubblegum pink

Barbie pink and bright bubblegum pink are some of the top shades this summer. Bring a pop of color to your nails with this fun-tastic shade.

Check out Pinky Dinky Doo from DEMIblue.

Sunny yellow

With days full of sunshine ahead, sunny yellow shades are a nod to the star that brings us warmth.

DEMIblue’s Sinful Sunshine is a rich sunny yellow. Or try Sunny Juliet, a lighter bright yellow.


Sandy nude, like the color of the beach, is a great neutral option for the summer.

Check out Be Kind’s gray-sandy color.

Lime green

Neon colors are everywhere this summer, but stepping back into the limelight from summers past is the electrifying neon green. You’re sure to turn heads with green this season.

DEMIblue’s Rave is a perfect lime green color.

Juicy red

Red is a statement color. Opt for a juicy true red this summer to bring on the heat.

Check out Sexiest Red by DEMIblue. The name speaks for itself.

Metallic blue

Ocean blue + shimmery metallic, what else is a better representation of summer waters?

The Signature DEMIblue is a deep blue shimmer like the ocean’s depths.

Passion fruit

Although the real-life passion fruit is kind of funky, in this case, we mean the rich watermelon-toned red. A good fruity shade for the summer.

Summer Dress Season is DEMIblue’s watermelon + passion fruit color.


Peachy apricot is such a cute and exciting color for the summer. Reminds us of all the tasty sweetness of this time of year.

DEMIblue’s Peachy Keen is the perfect apricot color.

Sky blue

With days of clear skies ahead, a true sky blue is a beautiful thing to see. Bring the sky to your nails with some light blue polish.

Check out DEMIblue’s new release: Cloudy Confessions.

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Try one of these summer nail colors today!

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