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9 Timeless Classics: Nail Edition

Trends come and go, but a few fashion styles or powerful colors always stay on top of the trends year after year. They are the immortal classics, elevated above the rest of fleeting trends. From wardrobe staples to must-have colors, the fashion world sees a variety of timeless pieces. It’s no different in the nail world. Some nail designs and colors stay around forever. While they may evolve over the years, their fundamental base ideas are often in. These are the nail care products and polishes that are always in style. DEMIblue stocks many timeless clean and vegan nail polish colors and products. Check them out below:

Soft Pink

Blushy pinks and nude pinks are good choices every single time. A neutral color but with a twist, these pinks circulate year after year. Great for professional or fun settings.

Check out Peaceful Mind for a pale pink.

Ruby Red

Brilliant red that never goes out of style, this color is perfect for making a statement. Regardless of circumstance, red is always the color with confidence to match.

DEMIblue’s Sexiest Red is also excellent for the upcoming Valentine’s season.

The French Tip

While the french tip has changed from the classic white design over the years, you can’t deny its constant existence in nail trends year after year. In recent years, colorful french manicures or ones with embellishments have become more popular.


You can’t go wrong with a casual black nail. It works for an elegant look but also fits in with a night out. Black is a good base for other designs and colors as well. A basic color and a staple, no wonder it’s here to stay.

Black Nail Magic adds some fun to every outfit.

Rich Browns

From lighter cocoas to darker hazelnuts, browns continue to show up every season. They are great for every skin tone. Adaptable and neutral, brown can be paired with any outfit too.

Check out DEMIblue’s United We Stand for a classic brown and Hen Yak Brown for added shimmer.

Deep Jewel Blue

Deep royal blue, like its counterpart red, also remains popular. Shades might vary over the years, but the true blue color still conveys a sense of royalty that cannot be diminished by the trends.

Check out The Signature DEMIblue for deep blue sparkle.

Base Coat and Top Coat

Base coats and top coats are nice to have. Both aim to make sure your manicure stays put for longer. The base coat creates a smooth surface for the nail polish to attach to. The darker the color, the more important it is to have a base coat. The top coat seals the manicure in, preventing the color from being scratched off by wear and tear.

DEMIblue’s Hydrating Base Coat and Super Dry Top Coat help preserve your manicure.

Cuticle Oil

A must for keeping cuticles hydrated and nails healthy, cuticle oil’s contribution to nail care will never be out of style. Applying cuticle oil, especially in the colder, drier months, will ensure that your nail health is put first.

Check out DEMIblue’s portable and convenient Cuticle and Nail Oil Pen.

Non-Acetone Remover

With the knowledge that the acetone commonly found in nail polish removers can dry up nails, non-acetone removers have become more popular recently. And they continue to be recommended for nail care. These removers are healthier for nails and less harsh on the skin, making them a great option every year for nail polish enthusiasts.

DEMIblue’s Soy-based Nail Polish Remover also contains vitamins.

Whatever the season and whatever the reason, these nail products continue to be a good buy every time!

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