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8 Must-Have Blue Nail Polish Colors for Your Collection

Blue nail polish has risen in popularity recently. Blue holds a wide variety of meanings representing things such as trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. It plays a big role in our brand as DEMIblue Natural Nails. For DEMIblue, the color represents the intention and purpose of our mission to educate others about the toxic ingredients in conventional nail products. With such a wide range of shades, they can work for any situation and any season. In honor of the launch of our new “Bleu Me Away” collection here at DEMIblue, we’re sharing some of our favorite blue colors that are perfect for any occasion.

Periwinkle Blue

This soft blue is so pretty. Not as pale as a pastel blue nor as dark as a deep blue, it’s the perfect medium color for all year round.

Boo Blue is a longtime fan favorite of our nailfriends.

Turquoise Blue

Turquoise blue is the color of the Caribbean waters. A breath of fresh summer air and clear waters. This fun color is sure to remind you of the beach.

Midnight Blue

Deep midnight blues can act as a neutral because of their darker color. They’re great for winter or whenever you’re feeling more moody.

Check out DEMIbue’s new color, Blue Desire, for a crisp dark blue.

Pastel Blue

On the other end of the spectrum to midnight blue is pale pastel blue. A popular spring and summer color, this light blue is bright and cheery.

DEMIblue recently released a lovely light blue shade: Mirror Mirror

Sky Blue

Who doesn’t love the color of the sky on a nice spring day? A bit darker than a true pastel blue, sky blue shades also reference the spring weather and summer energy.

DEMIblue’s Cloudy Confessions is a perfect mix of a sunny sky and airy clouds.

Aqua Blue

Similar to turquoise, aqua blue is reminiscent of fresh water, but this time, of the classic blue variety. It’s another great color for the summer months.

Sparkly Blue

Opt for sparkly blue flakes or shimmers to add even more shimmer to your nails. Though these might need several coats, the end result is worth it.

Check out Dancing on the Moon for a whimsical super sparkly blue.

Cobalt Blue

A jewel blue with some shimmer is somehow very elegant. Like a nod to royalty, cobalt blue is great for whenever you want a dash of confidence.

The Signature DEMIblue is the classic cobalt blue.

Check out our new “Bleu Me Away” collection. We also have new press-on nails available starting May 9th.

Clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, check out DEMIblue today!

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