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7 French Tip Nail Trends in 2023

French manicures, a classic nail style for decades, have gone through many evolutions and changes to their design. From the size of the tip to the colors of the manicure, this once-traditional style has now become one of the most versatile and expressive nail designs. In 2023, there are so many options for the French tip manicure that there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Come with us as we explore the trends in French tips of today.

Pastel rainbow

Combining two popular nail trends in the past year, pastel rainbow French nails include all the pastel colors of the rainbow. What a power duo.

Check out DEMIblue’s Lollipop press-on nails with pastel blues, greens, pinks, and yellows.

Almond shapes

Instead of the French tip shape of a more traditional manicure, the modern days have favored thinner and more curved tips and nail shapes. The longer almond shape often elongates the nail. Decorate with whatever color you’d like.

Colors featured are from our Hot Girl Summer Collection.


As mentioned before, the edges of the French tip just become thinner and thinner. The new 2023 trend of micro French manicures consists of a super thin half-moon tip outlining the edge of the nail.

Chic press-on nails also have a complementing gold edge along the base of the nail.

Alternative curves

This is an all-encompassing category comprising of everything from swirly French tips to multiple curves along the tip to triangle shapes. It also includes outlining the nail tip as a reference to the French tip manicure.

Gold Grill press-on nails have gold outlines shaped like a French tip.


Add a new spin to the classic French tip silhouette by adding gold or silver chrome polishes to your next French manicure.

Check out Silver Stiletto for the perfect shimmery silver.

Black and white

Black and white never goes out of style. You can either combine the two colors on one nail or alternate colors. Consider playing with different shapes and designs as well.

Check out DEMIblue’s B+W pairing: Black Nail Magic and Chalk it Up

French with a Feature

Just your typical French tips, but with a fun feature nail. This can be anything, so it’s a great way to show your personality.

Our Stardust press-on nails set includes yellow hearts.

Old or new, French manicures are here to stay!

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