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6 Winter 2022 Nail Color Trends to Try Right Now

With December just around the corner, winter is officially about to begin. The promise of snow and cold weather also brings in new trends in fashion, makeup, and manicures. This winter, shorter nails are coming back into style to minimize snagging and cracking in the drier winter months. Plus, they’re easier to fit into gloves and pockets. Nail designs like french tips, half moons, lines, and swirls remain popular. Some nail colors carry over from season to season, but plenty of new trends emerge over time. Here are 6 nail colors in style for this winter season.

Silver Chrome

Always popular with a timeless look, silver chrome has appeared in many seasons as a trendy manicure color. The classic silver polish creates a simple but still interesting glittery manicure style that goes well with the vibes all year round.

Silver Stiletto, a favorite, is a beautiful silver glitter chrome polish.

Chocolate Nails

Browns usually cycle back into style in autumn and winter. The darker tones draw on the warmth that fends off the colder weather. Plus, hot chocolate is a great drink (and color) for the winter months. From hot chocolate brown to softer pale browns, these colors can be combined into a tonal look with different colors on every nail.


Light-to-dark or dark-to-light ombres are a great way to incorporate two different colors onto a nail through subtle blending. It may require some extra work compared to just swiping on a solid layer of polish, but ombres can be achieved using a makeup sponge. Paint two similar colors on top of each other on the blocky flat part of the makeup sponge. Then dab the colors onto the nail to achieve the desired blended look. The darker shade can be at the tip or vice versa.

Try Pink Panties for a dark pink and Peaceful Mind for a pale pink.


White is a color that references snow, reminiscent of a winter wonderland. It usually goes well with any season, but white is particularly appropriate for winter. A versatile color, white can also be used in various manicure styles like the classic french tip design, swirls and lines, or even for drawing tiny snowflakes.

Check out Chalk it Up for a crisp snowy white.

Emerald Green

Deep jewel colors are always in season, but emerald green is particularly eye-catching this winter. This lovely jewel tone is bright, yet not too bright. Colorful and vibrant enough to be pointed out, but also a nice solid darker color for the darker nights.

Ruby Red

Red has been very popular lately due to social media and popular culture. From deep burgundies to bright corals, shades of red are everywhere. It’s a color with a statement wherever you go.

Try Sexiest Red for a true red color.

These are just some common colors for manicures this winter. Nail colors are up to you, so choose whatever color you like!

Happy December!

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