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5 Tips for Healthy Hands and Nails

Healthy hands mean healthy nails. Therefore, there is a crucial connection between keeping your hands healthy and maintaining strong yet flexible nails. Healthier nails, in turn, mean a longer-lasting manicure. The key to beautiful hands and nails is keeping hands dry and clean but still moisturized. Achieving that balance would result in the best results for both your manicure and your hands.

Avoid spending long periods of time in hot or cold water.

If you soak your hands in water for a long time, it can dry out your hands and nails. Hot water, in particular, can strip away your skin’s natural oils, making your hands even more dry. While keeping hands moist is important, too much moisture can weaken your skin and nails natural properties.

Wear gloves when doing chores.

Whenever you do chores like washing dishes, spring cleaning, or gardening, your hands come in contact with water, chemicals, or other outside forces. Gloves create a barrier between your hands and potentially damaging elements. Wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes or cleaning will protect your hands from the effect of water and cleaning chemicals. Gardening gloves are a must to protect from the wear and tear of the natural world. Gloves also help retain the internal moisture of your hands and nails.

DEMIblue recently released new rubber gloves with an elastic band.

File nails

Shorter nails with smooth edges are less likely to split or tear. The best nail length would be around 2-3 millimeters from the fingertips. Even if you leave your nails long, try to file down any sharp edges. Make sure to file in one direction.

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Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Sufficient moisture is critical for maintaining good health for both hands and nails. Moisture keeps your hands supple and nails flexible, preventing cracking or damage. Use hand moisturizer for your hands, especially in winter months or days when you’re washing your hands a lot. For nails, check out some cuticle oil.

DEMIblue has an on-the-go cuticle oil pen.

Protect your hands from the sun.

Just like the rest of your body, hands also appreciate some protection from UV rays. You often apply sunscreen with your hands, but don’t forget about them!

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Here’s to happy and healthy hands!

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