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5 Summer 2023 Natural Nail Trends

Happy June! Summer is all about embracing vibrant colors, playful designs, and expressing your style through your manicure. Whether you’re heading to the beach or enjoying the warm weather, we’ve got you covered with these 5 fun and simple nail designs that pair well with your natural nail. Check these out for your next summer manicure!

Glazed nails

Add shimmery sheer polishes with a natural nail base to create a glazed look, like a coat of tasty sugary shine over pastries.

Dainty florals

Suitable for nails of any size or shape, these small floral designs, usually placed at the edge of the nail, are super cute and pretty.

Check out new press-on nails Flower Power.

Nothing there

Go au-natural with a base coat and a clear top coat over your nails. Or, if you want the illusion of a clean natural nail, opt for a thin coat of a neutral shade similar to your natural nail color, allowing for the free edge of your nail to show through.

Sparkly ombre

The neutral ombre has been all the rage recently. You can go for light colors like blush to white or darker brown tones to soft pink.

Our press-on nails Fra-Bae includes ombres of coffee, rosy blush, and light pink.


Pastels are always spring and summer friendly. Consider a rainbow of these colors, or choose your favorite.

Check out Lollipop press-on nails

for some fun pastel French tips or Mirror Mirror for some pale blue.

Cute colors with a vibrant impact. What’s there to not love about summer nail designs?

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