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11 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17 this year. The celebration centers around St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Over the years, the holiday has grown popular in the US, becoming a time to celebrate Irish culture. Today, many cities will host parades. But besides St. Patrick’s Day being a major celebration in US cities, it is also a day for some fun St. Patrick’s Day-inspired nails. While the color green became synonymous with the holiday, there are still many creative ideas for nail art.

Green swirls

Swirls are another design that uses the same combination of colors but can have a different design on each nail.


Four-leaf clovers symbolize luck and a standard image you see during the holiday. You can draw entire clovers or make the french tips with the shape of a clover leaf. They end up looking like hearts.

Green and gold

Adding gold accents to deep green creates a sleek but still-on-theme design you can continue to wear past the holiday. It’s a perfect color combination for any occasion.

Metallic green

Metallics have been popular recently, and the great thing about metallic nail polish is that they come in every color of the rainbow. A green shimmery metallic color adds a playful and fun look to your nails.

Simple green

clean and vegan nail polish
There is Hope
Lend a Hand

You can’t go wrong with classic greens. Solid colors such as deep forest greens and muted moss or fern greens are great not only for St. Patrick’s day but also every other day.

Check out There is Hope’s deep green color and Lend a Hand’s fern green.


All that glitters is gold. You can never go wrong with some glitter here and there.

Green marbling

Mix and match greens with some marbling. It’s a great way to keep the look simple and still pretty cool.


Since it is said that you can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, rainbow patterns are an exciting way to recognize St. Patrick’s Day while also being different.

DEMIblue has all colors of the rainbow: Summer Dress Season, Explosion, Sunny Juliet, Lend a Hand, and Boo Blue, for some examples.

Green gradient

Along the theme of solid green colors, instead of just one color for every nail, you can do different colors of different shades on each nail.

Neon green

Add neon green for a pop of color for St. Patrick’s Day. You can apply it to the entire nail if you feel bold or mix it with the typical deep greens.

Check out Rave or Dizzy Girls for kids. You can buy them together as a Mommy and Me duo!


Blobs are always fun. There’s no right way to do it. You can just add all sorts of colors in funny shapes. Add some contrasting black swirl lines for a more interesting pattern.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day this Friday! It’s the perfect day for some green inspiration!

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