Nell Wellness 101! Now with nail techs showing clients how to remove or cut down coated nails while in isolation, many nail professionals are offering home care kits as well. The boom for at-home nail care is thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak and many techs are using these kits as ways to adjust. Home care kits keep clients from removing nails in a way that will damage their nail bed. When they do return to the salon, the effects of proper at-home care will also help nail professionals get clients right back into their routine. These kits also show clients just how much their nail professional cares for them and reenforces the strong relationship many already have. 

DEMIblue Natural Nails offers an at home Kit with EVERYTHING needed to perform your at home services

Kit Includes:

*The Basic Starter Kit ( Soy Remover, Nail Polish, Nail Strengthener, Base & Top Coat)

*Disposable Nail implements


*Keratin Base Gloves and Socks

*How to Instructions

Only on our website at demibluenaturalnails.com

*Not sold on Walmart.com

byBeth Livesay|April 1, 2020

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