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Top 6 Nail Design Ideas to Try

Did you know? DEMIBlue is now on Pinterest! To celebrate our reemergence on Boards, we’re featuring some nail design ideas from us! Jazz up your summer manicure with some fresh nail designs. Let your imagination run wild!

Check us out here: DEMIblueNN


An easy and popular design in the past, the galaxy look is still fun to recreate. You can go for a classic galaxy or a blue sky twist.


Floral looks are perfect for spring or summer. You can go for an accent flower or smaller designs on multiple nails. They can be achieved using the end of a paintbrush or a toothpick.


Geometric designs are super flexible and leave a lot of room for creativity. You can create any shapes you want with a couple of straight lines.


A classic and simple nail design, ombre looks seamlessly blends two colors.

Learn how to do an ombre here:

Animal print

Head to the wild side with some animal print. Perhaps a little harder to do, the end result is sure to leave an impression.


Go for swirls of fantastic colors to add to pop of funky brightness to your manicure.

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