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A Beginner’s Guide to Vegan Nail Polish

To kick off the new month and welcome new and returning readers, we’re adding a brief introduction to vegan nail polish, discussing what it is and tools and techniques for creating the perfect manicure.

What is Vegan Nail Polish?

Vegan nail polish essentially refers to nail polish without the inclusion of the “Toxic Trio” or the “Big 3.” The three main damaging chemicals in nail polish are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Formaldehyde is a preservative. However, it is considered to be a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Toulene keeps the nail polish smooth after application, but it has been linked to serious health issues related to the nervous system. Dibutyl phthalate prevents chipping in nail polish but has also been linked to health issues.

Your skin can potentially absorb these chemicals. Thus, there has been a growth in focus on nontoxic formulas for nail polish. Many companies remove the Toxic Trio from their formulations, making them 3-free nail polish. Some, like DEMIblue, which is 20-free, have removed other ingredients related to potential health concerns. Because nail polish is essentially a cousin of paint, it is unlikely to see a completely organic ingredient list. However, removing these toxic ingredients is a step in the right direction. Eliminating formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP is a healthier choice for everyone.

To learn more about why you should switch to vegan nail polish, check out this post:

Tips and Tricks on Nail Care

Proper nail care is critical. Healthy nails mean they can do their job in blocking out bacteria and enduring force.

  1. Cuticles are important

    1. They protect the nail bed (the fleshy part underneath your nail) from bacteria. To keep your cuticles healthy, try cuticle oil. Cuticles do best when left alone, but if you want to clean up your cuticles, invest in a high-quality cuticle pusher and remover and do your research beforehand.

  2. Trim and file

    1. Keeping your nails shorter prevents hangnails, nail breaks, and ingrown nails. Follow the curve of your nails when trimming, leaving a little bit of space at the end. File down sharp edges with a file to avoid catching your nails on things.

    2. Our on-the-go manicuring kits have everything you need to keep your nails in tip-top shape!

  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    1. Hydration is very important in keeping both hands and nails healthy. Moisturized nails mean they are flexible and strong and less prone to brittleness. Hand lotion keeps your hands, and fingernails moisturized

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Tips and Tricks for DIY Manicures

  1. 3-Step System

    1. The most basic method for a smooth manicure. Start with a base coat, add 1-2 layers of your favorite nail polish, and finish off with a top coat.

    2. DEMIblue has a trio set with all three elements

  2. Learn more about the steps to a perfect DIY manicure that you can achieve at home.

  3. Nail art

    1. Nail art is a fun and exciting way to jazz up your nails. While super elaborate designs might be best left to the professionals, you too can dabble in some simple nail art on your own. Stripes, dots, and French tips are often achievable with thin brushes or even toothpicks.

    2. Check out our Guide to Essential Nail Art Products for more information.

We also have a How-To page and YouTube to help you on your nail journey!

Take care of your nails, and they’ll take care of you!

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