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7 Top Nail Trends You Should Try in 2023

Now that we are well into 2023, various trends in life and in nails have come and gone. From the effortlessly popular chrome nails to spring’s bright colors, what kinds of trends have sustained half a year later? Learn about these new trends here, featuring new products from DEMIblue.

Blush Ombre Nails

These soft and pretty ombre nails combine rosy colors and cream. A perfect mix of browns and creams.

Check out press-on nails Fra-Baé by DEMIblue.

Bold Neons

Bright pops of color are back in for the summer! From neon green to lemon yellow, these bold colors add a splash of fun to the new season.

DEMIblue’s “Hot Girl Summer” collection has all our bright colors. Or check out each color individually.

Micro French

This is a twist on the classic French manicure design. A tiny sliver of barely-there color in the typical French manicure shape still keeps it classic and refined.

DEMIblue’s newly released Chic press-on nails have either the option of a gold edge or a white edge. Or create your own micro French look with classic white Chalk It Up

Accent Nails

Accent nails are the new trend on the block. You can opt for plain solid colors on all nails but one. Add any cool design you want to make one nail stand out from the others.

Check out these press-on sets, new by DEMIblue:

Stardust- fun yellow hearts that pop

FlowerMellon- a flowery bloom

Egyptian Floss- gold and black accents


A nail polish that seems to show up in every season’s trends, chrome never goes out of style. You can go for the classic silver chrome or find some fun colors.

Silver Stiletto is a crowd favorite shimmery silver. If you want something different, purple-blue chrome press-on nails Baddie is a recent new release.


Can’t choose a single color, why not go with all of them. There’s no judgment in including all colors of the rainbow for your nails.

For some rainbow French tips, check out Lollipop. For ombres of all colors, check out Hot off the Press.


Pale pinks, soft purples, and light blues are here for the spring. These colors add a lovely pop of spring color to any manicure.

Pastel blue Mirror Mirror is a perfect fit.

What’s your favorite nail trend recently? Let us know through social media @demibluenn!

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